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10 Best Women’s Self-Defense Items


Believe it or not, the holidays are just around the corner! Have you made your list and checked it twice? Finding the perfect gift for the women in your life can be a challenge. There are so many (endless, it seems) options out there! At Pew Pew Guru, we believe women’s self-defense items are the perfect gift! Providing life protection in event of an unexpected situation truly is priceless.

In 2020, Americans battled a pandemic, social injustice, and a highly contested election — which led many people to become gun owners – a record 39.7 million, according to statistics from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) that checks for the criminal records of people who may be disqualified from receiving firearms. Consistent with a slow trend happening over the past 10 years, more and more of these gun owners are women. In fact, the Wall Street Journal says that close to half of all new U.S. gun buyers since the beginning of 2019 have been women, according to a new study. Certainly, this trend tells us that women are definitely concerned about self-defense, and in the market to keep themselves safe!

womens self defense items

Look no further…safety, security, and peace of mind will come when she’s carrying one of these essential self-defense items. It doesn’t matter if she’s walking to your car late at night or taking a jog in the park on her own – your loved one having one of these items in her pocket or purse will make everyone feel at ease. So, how about giving that special woman in your life a unique, yet practical gift this year? 

From pepper spray to keychains and tactical pens, we’ve compiled a list of options for you to give the gift of protection to the women in your life. 


Zap Stun Gun

A stun baton is one of the most popular, convenient, and adaptable defense weapons available. It is an intimidating, non-lethal weapon that combines a police-grade baton with a high-voltage stun gun. A stun baton gives you multiple levels of self-protection, ranging from intimidation to physical force. While you may not choose to carry a baton in your purse or backpack, this item stores well at home in the case of a home invasion, or in your glove box to be at the ready when in a dark parking lot or poorly lit street. 

We recommend the Zap Zap Stun Baton which in addition to the above features, can also collect the attacker’s DNA for future identification.

Zap Stun Baton

Click Here to View the Zap Zap Stun Baton


Zap Gun

These stun guns use high-voltage to carry a low-amp electric shock to the attacker and temporarily incapacitates by targeting the central nervous system (CNS). The high-voltage is used to “push” the shock through heavy clothing and skin while working on the CNS. In simple terms, the electricity produced by the stun gun works to disrupt the body’s normal electrical signals, causing temporary paralysis. In addition to incapacitation, it hurts really bad!

We recommend the Zap Zap Gun, which is easy to carry and features a unique design.

Click Here to View the Zap Gun


Mace Gun

The Mace Pepper Gun is the most accurate, non-lethal self-defense pepper spray available. Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent that will immediately incapacitate an assailant. It will take down and cause temporarily pain to those under the influence. A 1-second blast of pepper spray will render an individual incapacitated for 15 minutes to over an hour, stopping oncoming threats in their tracks. 

We recommend the Mace Personal Defense Mace Pepper Gun which delivers maximum security and accuracy.

mace gun

Click Here to View the Personal Defense Mace Pepper Gun


21” Expandable Baton

This expandable baton is made of steel and expands with just a flick of the wrist. It is generally carried as a defensive weapon or a compliance tool. (for example by a police officer) While it is not the most common tool, the most obvious use is a weapon of self-defense. A baton can be used offensively for striking and jabbing, but defensively for blocking. A baton can also be used as a tool – assisting in breaking windows as in the case of freeing people trapped in a vehicle. Batons are concealed easily and most importantly, can give you the valuable time you need to get away from an assailant.

We recommend the 21″ Rubber Handle Expandable Baton, which fits perfectly in your boot or next to you in the car.


Click Here to View the Rubber Handle Expandable Baton


Sabre Personal Alarm

A personal alarm is a great self-defense item that are easy to use and operate. These small alarms can attach to your keychain, purse or backpack and when the panic button is activated, they emit a loud, constant alarm, generally around 120-130 decibels. The noise is intended to alert people nearby for your need for help as well as deter an attacker allowing you to escape to safety. 

We recommend the Sabre Personal Alarm with Key Ring, which is extremely loud and audible up to 1280 feet.


Click Here to View the Sabre Personal Alarm


PSP Tactical Pen

Tactical pens have become a very popular self-defense item in recent years. A tactical pen is a writing instrument with practical defense oriented features. The tactical pen can be used as a striking or stabbing weapon. It can be an extremely effective deterrent against an attacker, and allow you time to get away and call for help. 

We recommend the PSP Tactical Pen which is a convenient, affordable superb writing and defensive implement. 

Click Here to View the PSP Tactical Pen


Sabre Lipstick Pepper Spray

As mentioned above, just a 1-second blast of pepper spray will render an individual incapacitated for 15 minutes to over an hour, stopping oncoming threats in their tracks! This small, compact pepper spray for women is not only powerful, but it fits discreetly in a purse, makeup bag, backpack or coat pocket. 

We like the Sabre Lipstick Pepper Spray because it contains 12 powerful bursts for protection against multiple threats and provides protection at a safe distance with its impressive 10-foot (3 meter) range. Powerful stream delivery reduces wind blow-back. The lipstick container design features a cap to store safely and prevent accidental discharge.

Click Here to View Sabre Lipstick Pepper Spray

Sabre Pepper Gel

In addition to Pepper Spray, Pepper Gel can help you protect yourself from unsafe situations by providing maximum protection that’s easily carried on the go. Pepper Gel is a relatively new product in the personal defense industry. Like pepper spray, pepper gel products can be carried discreetly. However, pepper gel can travel 20% further than pepper spray, putting more distance between you and the attacker. And, it is dispensed as a thick, sticky substance, which virtually eliminates any blow-back. This means it will stick to the attacker’s skin, making it more difficult for the attacker to wipe it off.

PPG recommends Sabre Pepper Gel as its ergonomic design improves aim. It also gives you more control than when using pepper spray. Also, it contains UV marking dye that helps the authorities identify an attacker after they’re sprayed.

pepper spray sabre

Click Here to View Sabre Pepper Gel


Nightstick Mini Tac Flashlight

No one should be completely in the dark. Most everyday flashlights are made from cheap aluminum, low-grade steel, or just plain old plastic. Not only are tactical lights super durable, but they are usually weather, shock, and corrosion-resistant. 

A tactical light is a lightweight flashlight that is used with other self-defense safety items to aid in low-light target identification, allowing you to hit your mark when defending yourself! 

We recommend the Mini-Tac Flashlight for its deep parabolic reflector that creates a tight, long-throw beam for distance illumination. 

Click Here to View the Mini-Tac Flashlight


Spike Self Defense Keychain

Always easy to grip at a moment’s notice, a self-defense keychain provides peace of mind for any situation. Staying safe in parking lots, on a jog, or walking your dog at night is easier when you’re carrying a safety keychain. With a handheld weapon like this, you’ll have the element of surprise with someone who mistakes you for an easy target. These weapons have two sharp “ears” that can pierce the skin in an event of an attack. Most importantly, they can scare off a would-be assailant and give you the valuable time to get away and call for help.

 We recommend the Spikes Self Defense Keychain, which is a perfectly discreet striking tool.

Click Here to View the Spikes Self Defense Keychain


Consider Giving Women’s Self-Defense Items

No one plans on being the victim of an attack. However, no matter who you are, everyone should have a personal defense plan. Fortunately, there are a variety of self-defense items to choose from, each with its unique protecting power. We’ve listed our favorites above, but we also know that sometimes you’d rather let your loved ones choose what they are most comfortable with. Gift Vouchers make excellent gift ideas!

womens self defense item

Choose from multiple denominations :$25, $50, $100, $500


Compensated Affiliate Disclaimer:

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you buy the product I may receive some monetary compensation. I only recommend products I use and love!

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