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Why You Need a Concealed Carry Class

The world of concealed carry can initially be pretty intimidating. Perhaps you already own a gun and want to take your protection capabilities to the next level, but don’t know what’s required. Maybe you’re completely new to gun ownership and have no idea where to start. Regardless of where you’re at on your concealed carry journey, Pew Pew Guru is here to help. Join us as we walk through the basics of concealed carry, how a concealed carry class can help you gain the confidence and knowledge you need to stay safe, and what every concealed carry class should include.

What Does Concealed Carry Mean?

The very first step in understanding why a concealed carry class is important to your personal security goals is learning exactly what concealed carry means. Concealed carry is the practice of carrying a concealed (hidden/not easily visible) weapon on your person in a public place. Concealed carry is not the same as open carry; open carry is the practice of carrying an easily-visible weapon on your person while in public. By definition, concealed carry hinges on your weapon(s) remaining out of sight.

Concealed carry permit holders employ a variety of carry methods, including:

Concealed carry is regulated entirely by state laws. Every state carries its own unique set of requirements, certification steps, and renewal specifics.

The state of Illinois, for example, is a shall-issue state. Illinois State Police issue concealed carry licenses to qualified applicants who meet all state requirements, including a mandatory 16-hour concealed carry class conducted by a state-approved instructor. Illinois does not accept concealed carry licenses from any other state and open carry of a handgun is illegal in any capacity. Additionally, Illinois law enforcement is uniquely authorized to decline a concealed carry license application if the applicant is deemed a danger to the public or themselves.

Carrying a concealed weapon requires a strict level of legal and personal responsibility. Between finding the time and proper concealed carry class resources, understanding your weapon, and maintaining a valid license, concealed carry necessitates adherence to a number of important regulations. Beginners often consequently want to know: what’s the return on the investment? Why invest time, money, and attention in a concealed carry class?

Current Crime Statistics

Let’s start by assessing our current risk of crime. Did you know the United States suffers from close to 270,000 robberies per year? Of those, just over half occur on the street/highway or at a residence.

It takes an average of 10 minutes for police to arrive depending on where you’re located. Those precious seconds between threat awareness and reaction mandate a significant degree of personal responsibility and planning. The police can’t always reach you in time to de-escalate a dangerous situation; your and your family’s safety depends on your ability to plan for, recognize, avoid, escape, and lastly defend yourself from threats. We, as the responsible adults within our households, are our families’ first responders.

How a concealed carry class can help | Pew Pew Guru

How a Concealed Carry Class Can Help

The very best way to end confrontation is by avoiding conflict in the first place. Concealed carry classes teach students how to build protection plans into their lives, gain critical situational awareness skills, and avoid looking and behaving like victims. 

When avoidance and escape from threats cannot be achieved, concealed carry classes arm you with the skills, knowledge, and practice needed to defend yourself and those you care about. Additionally, concealed carry classes provide students with confidence, a sense of empowerment, and a set of unique tools to take and maintain responsibility for their own safety. 

Concealed carry classes also provide strong, regulated baselines for gun safety standards and gun safety awareness in communities nationwide. Studies show crime has significantly dropped in states with the largest increases in concealed carry permits and data repeatedly shows concealed carry permit holders strictly follow the law and rules of gun safety. Concealed carry classes establish gun safety best practices so you can align your security efforts with both the law and the greatest possible opportunities for success.

Kevin teaches a concealed carry class | Pew Pew Guru
The class listens in | Pew Pew Guru

What a Concealed Carry Class Should Include

Concealed carry classes differ depending on state regulations, instructor credentials, and facility capabilities. At Pew Pew Guru, we take our concealed carry class subject matter incredibly seriously and adhere to all state requirements for our 16-hour concealed carry classes. A good, well-rounded concealed carry class should include:

  • A Certified Instructor – Pew Pew Guru’s concealed carry class instructor is NRA Certified, USCCA Certified, a Licensed Firearm Instructor, and a Federal Firearms Licensee 
  • State Requirements – Instruction on state laws, state-required live fire qualifications, required concealed carry terminology, and concealed carry limitations 
  • Security Plan Instruction – Professional tips on how to develop a personal and home protection plan
  • Deescalation Techniques – Instruction on conflict avoidance, situation awareness, and escape opportunities/mechanisms
  • Gun Safety – Comprehensive gun safety standards, how to interact with law enforcement, safe gun storage, and drills to gain confidence and reduce mistakes when under stress
  • Gun Handling – Instruction on proper grip, stance, safely clearing your weapon, range safety, and clearing malfunctions
  • Discharge Instruction – Using firearms in self-defense, use of force, and using nonlethal and lethal/deadly force

Ready to take your protection and security goals to the next level? Pew Pew Guru offers professionally-led Chicagoland concealed carry classes with an NRA and USCCA certified instructor. Our next class takes place in Villa Park on August 27th and includes a 2-Day Illinois Concealed Carry Class with Arizona and Florida Concealed Weapons certification included free of charge. Can’t make the August class? Sign up for Pew Pew guru’s October concealed carry class, held in Villa Park on October 22nd and 23rd. We’re also offering a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit class in Villa Park on October 15th. Check out the Pew Pew Guru concealed carry classes page for more opportunities and connect with us here with any questions.

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