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Why I’m committed to training women to use and carry firearms

I believe arming women— empowers women

This may sound a little like a corny mission statement you see at a fortune 500 company, but this is literally why I do it…I want to empower women to not be victims through concealed firearm training and proficient use of a gun.  We were profiled in Patch, the largest local newspaper in the country, they interviewed us and found our story compelling. But why you ask?


My answer is overly simplistic, I am a father to girls,  the eldest son to my mother, a big brother to my sisters and an uncle to nieces. I have four daughters, spread geographically across the United States. I can’t be there to protect them. The youngest is 12… and as she comes of age, lets face it—I’ll be old. So as I face my mortality I reasoned it made more sense to help them with their independence by arming them with skills to protect themselves, future families and their homes.


Also weighing heavily into my decision is the fact that my mother is a divorced single elderly woman living alone in a rough city in another state. She is a victim of a changing Detroit neighborhood and not for the better. In August of 2018 she got an alarm signal saying that someone was in her home. The intruder had kicked out a basement window and made it into the main living quarters, that is apparently what triggered the alarms motion detector. She came home to find her front door unlocked, I guess the thief just waltzed right out the front door. On another occasion she awakened to find her minivan sitting on cinderblocks in her driveway, literally all four tires and wheels gone like a scene straight out of Good Times the 70’s sitcom.  With this kind of madness happening in my mothers middle class neighborhood, and moving not being an option for her, I am of the position that she needs to be trained on how to defend herself and home, because waiting on 911 assistance isn’t proactive but reactive. And usually much too late.


“Training women to use firearms and protect themselves is my passion.”

I am the protector of my largely female family and this belief that I had to teach them to be aware, and always ready to go into fight or flight, has fueled this passion to teach other women personal protection and home security.  I have been the good samaritan to many a close call, just by happenstance, and I suddenly had an epiphany that I needed to do more to educate, and train daughters, sisters, aunts, mothers and grandmothers. And thus the inspiration for Pew Pew Guru was born.

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