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Unprecedented Numbers of Women Are Buying Guns For Protection and Self Defense

Why women are taking control of their own personal safety

It’s no surprise that gun sales rose dramatically in 2020. Fueled by social injustice movements, rioting mobs, rising crime, and unchecked violence in the streets of many American cities, people everywhere are exercising their Second Amendment right to own a firearm.

The unexpected appearance of a worldwide threat did nothing to help people feel safe in 2020 either. With the spread of Covid-19,

Gun stores everywhere saw a huge jump in sales as other household products were flying off the shelf.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, A record number of guns were sold in the United States last year. More than 8.4 million Americans purchased their very first firearm in 2020, and, more than 40 percent of those new gun owners are women.

Although the increase in gun ownership by women may seem like a new trend, several surveys show a steady rise in gun purchases by women over the last decade or more.

While some of those same surveys show a drop in male gun ownership over the same period, most surveyors believe men are more hesitant to accurately represent their gun interests than women, fearing unwanted attention from the anti-gun population or by changes in political policies. 

Woman at the Range | Pew Pew GuruWomen are also becoming more involved in shooting sports and at the range, engaging in target practice, skeet shooting, and hunting, However, a 2014 study conducted by the NSSF showed that the majority of women surveyed purchased a firearm for home and personal protection and that number has only swelled.

Some blame the calls to defund the police, believing they will not be protected from violent threats by a reduced police presence. Others quote the rising crime from rioting and political protests, wanting to feel safe on the streets or in their own homes.

Although rising violence was the number one most quoted reason for purchasing a firearm, many women and first-time buyers also voiced their fears over the 2020 election and the possibility of upcoming gun bans.

It is estimated that more than 20 million women now own at least one gun in the United States, with many owning two or more. Many purchased a second firearm shortly after their first, having learned what they liked and didn’t like about their new gun and what upgrades would make them better prepared.

Others just enjoyed the challenges that came with shooting sports, making weekly trips to the gun range to practice or challenge themselves to become better shots.

With the unusual events seen in the past year, none of these facts and figures should come as any surprise.

However, the majority of women buying guns did not make these purchases without careful consideration. Most women buyers took at least one gun safety course before or after their purchase to ensure they would be responsible and proficient.

In fact, so many women are requesting firearms training that many instructors have begun to offer women-centric classes across the country. Whether the classes offered are small or large, one thing is inevitable. Firearms training classes for women consistently sell out.Woman Shooting at the Range | Pew Pew Guru

Organizations like the National Rifle Foundation (NRA) and the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) also offer many training resources for women, as do websites like TheWellArmedWoman.com.

In Illinois, gun sales also rose in 2020, and so did the demand for training. At Pew Pew Guru, we have been conducting women-centric gun classes since 2018, when owner, trainer, and Army veteran, Kevin Flowers, began focusing on his desire to empower women to protect themselves.

Based in Villa Park, IL, Pew Pew Guru offers women the classes required to receive an Illinois concealed carry permit – also known as a CCW or CPL – at the Villa Park VFW Post 2801.

Although Pew Pew Guru gun training courses focus on the USCCA curriculum, Kevin has been certified to teach gun theory, law, and shooting skills by both the USCCA and the NRA.

By taking the two-day CCW training class, Chicago-area women training with Pew Pew Guru will receive the certificates needed to apply for the permits to legally carry a firearm in Arizona and Florida as well.

Some states honor the permits issued by other states, especially those that follow similar training guidelines. This results in “reciprocity,” meaning an Illinois-trained permit holder can legally carry in those other states that recognize and honor the Illinois permit with no additional action.

By acquiring additional state’s CCW permits, such as Arizona and Florida, reciprocity is expanded meaning gun owners can legally travel through, or visit, many more states while carrying personal protection without fear of legal action.

For that reason, Pew Pew Guru offers the training necessary to receive a Utah concealed carry permit as well. Owner and Trainer Kevin Flowers highly recommends that all of his clients also take the Utah CCW class.

Woman Receiving CPL Class Certificate | Pew Pew GuruBy acquiring a Utah concealed carry license along with the Illinois, Arizona, and Florida permits, gun owners can legally travel to and through more than 31 states in this country while still able to protect themselves and their families.

The 3-hour Pew Pew Guru Utah Concealed Carry Permits (Utah CFP) Class covers Utah gun laws, gun safety requirements, and other state specific topics. To ensure the CCW application process is complete, a company will be on-hand to take the fingerprints and passport photos needed to issue the Utah concealed carry license.

For more information about upcoming Illinois or Utah concealed weapons classes, please Click Here to visit the Pew Pew Guru Classes page. Or, to discuss CCW classes and other services, please Click Here to Contact Kevin Flowers.

With so much uncertainty for the future, it’s never been more important to exercise your Second Amendment rights. Whether that means buying a firearm to protect yourself and your family, or enjoying the challenge of shooting sports, or if you are only considering the purchase of a firearm in the near future, Pew Pew Guru can help no matter what your level of experience.

For more information on classes, training, or purchases, please reach out to Pew Pew Guru Kevin Flowers today.

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