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Tactical Defense Fashion for Women

Apparel and accessories for Women's Empowerment

As many new buyers purchase firearms for self-defense, questions arise such as how to safely and securely carry a concealed firearm while still making it readily accessible in the event of an emergency.

In 2020, 40% of the new gun purchases across the United States were made by women. Although male and female gun owners both ask many of the same questions about concealment, female buyers also present many additional – and different – questions about how and where to carry their personal defense weapon.

There are several common ways to carry a concealed firearm. According to surveys carried out by USACarry.com, the small of the back is the number one spot concealed carry permit holders use to carry their firearm.

Other popular locations are appendix carry, which places the gun in the front and just to the right or left of center, ankle holsters, pocket holsters, and a variety of off-body carry options such as day planners and fanny packs.

Although many of these carry options have been used for years, women are presented with their own, unique issues when looking for concealment options. Women also tend to seek out apparel options that are fashionable and also provide functional concealment options for a personal defense weapon.

For many women, their current apparel options make it difficult to carry a gun without “printing,” meaning the outline of the gun can be seen by unsuspecting, and potentially much less tolerant, coworkers, bosses, book club members, classmates, or even family.

Thankfully, more women’s concealed carry options exist today than ever before. More companies make clothing and accessories that are specifically designed to help women comfortably and discreetly carry a firearm.

Tactica Defense Fashions | Pew Pew GuruAlthough some people will argue that carrying a concealed firearm for personal defense is a commitment and important no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient it may be, there is more to the story.

The simple truth is, if carrying a concealed weapon is uncomfortable, people are more likely to leave their gun at home. They will only carry their defensive weapon when there is a greater perceived threat to their personal safety.

This means they are far less likely to be prepared when a threat does occur.

Carrying a concealed handgun does not have to be an uncomfortable experience for men or women these days. Companies like Tactica Defense have created unique concealed carry holsters, apparel, and accessories specifically for women that focus on quality, comfort, function, and style.

Pew Pew Guru proudly sells Tactica Defense Fashion concealed carry apparel and accessories made for women CPL license holders. Tactica Defense creates concealed carry options that keep women prepared and protected from the gym to the gun range without sacrificing style.

Tactica Defense offers a variety of options for women’s concealed carry, including unique holster designs, women’s concealed carry apparel, and functional accessories for women gun owners.

Be sure to watch the video at the end of this post to learn about Tactica Defense Fashions from founder and President, Sandi Little.

Tactica Defense produces a variety of high-quality holsters for popular carry choices including inside the waistband, ankle holsters, and Tactica Defense Fashions Belly Band | Pew Pew Guru belt slide holsters. However, Tactica Defense also produces several unique styles designed specifically for women’s comfort.

Belly Band holsters are nothing new. Traditional belly band holsters are little more than a big elastic band with a simple pocket for carrying a small pistol. Aiming for comfort as well as concealment, Tactica has taken the idea to a new level.

The Tactica Defense Belly Band holster features a molded shell complete with a trigger guard mounted on a flexible neoprene band that stretches with movement. The hard shell holster is canted for easy access with reliable retention to keep things safe and secure.

The Tactica Belly Band comes in 6 sizes with a Velcro closure providing even more adjustability and is easily concealed under a loose fitting top or dress.

Tactica Defense also features a wide selection of other concealed carry clothing designed for women, including jackets, sweaters, pants, and tops.

While tactical pants may seem like the obvious choice for concealed carry, Tactica also makes unique athletic leggings with built-in pockets for concealed carry. Made from spandex and nylon, the leggings also feature a sewn-in layer of heavy-duty TPE polymer to guard the trigger.

Tactica Defense Fashions Leggings | Pew Pew GuruThese fashionable leggings also include additional pockets for a cell phone, flashlight, or one of Tactica’s other defense options such as a personal alarm or tactical pen.

Tactica Defense offers a variety of sweaters, hoodies, tops, and shirts that feature draw-through pockets, allowing quick access to a holster worn underneath. With styles including plaid flannel, camo, and merino wool, there are options available for any purpose such as an afternoon at the rage or dinner at a fine restaurant.

For women whose wardrobe does not easily accommodate a firearm or holster, Tactica Defense has also created a variety of off-body accessories that allow quick and easy access to a concealed firearm.

Concealed carry purses can allow women to carry a firearm in a separate, hidden pocket where the trigger is safely protected from loose objects or groping fingers. Tactica Defense purses are available in a variety of styles from fashionable to casual.

For students, commuters, day-trippers, and overnighters, Tactica Defense also produces tactical and casual backpacks, duffel bags, and uniquely styled fanny packs like their Concealed Carry Messenger Bag.

We also proudly feature products from Alien Gear holsters. Started by Thomas Tedder in his kitchen after his concealed carry gun fell out of another manufacturer’s holster, Alien Gear has grown into one of the most well-regarded holster companies in the world today.

Alien Gear produces innovative, reliable inside and outside the waistband holsters such as the Shapeshift Modular Holster System, which can easily convert from classic IWB to appendix carry, to OWB or paddle with a few simple adjustments.

Although the Pew Pew Guru shop has many items in stock, we can also order any Tactica Defense or Alien Gear item we do not currently have on the shelf.

With more and more women taking control of their own personal defense, there has never been a greater need for concealed carry solutions designed for women’s needs. Although new products hit the market every day, Tactica Defense is leading the charge with products and accessories designed to empower women who want to take control of their own personal safety.

At Pew Pew Guru, our biggest mission is to help empower women and, to help with that, we are giving away a Tactica Defense Executive Concealed Carry purse. This beautifully made purse features a separate compartment with dual, ambidextrous zippers to keep your firearm ready but protected from loose objects and groping fingers.

To win this purse, a $99 dollar value, please Click Here and sign up for our newsletter. Once you’ve signed up, you can unlock extra entries and boost your chances of winning too!

To learn more about women’s concealed carry fashion options, Tactica Defense fashions, Alien Gear holsters, or any of the services, classes, and gun sales available at Pew Pew Guru, please visit our Contact page or Click Here to contact us today.

Kevin Flowers | Pew Pew Guru

Kevin Flowers

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