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Illinois Concealed Carry Renewal

How Do I Renew My Illinois Concealed Carry License?

Your concealed carry license must be renewed every five years. The Illinois concealed carry renewal has a fee of $65 but for the summer months we are doing a special price of $59.99 for the training course and $69.99 for private training location TBD. Your training course may include the following information:

  • A refresher on firearm basics, including draw, care, storage, and transport
  • Hands-on instruction in technique
  • Education regarding changes to firearm laws or regulations
  • Range time to practice your skills

Once you have completed your Illinois concealed carry renewal course, you will receive a certificate. You will then need to update your status with the state of Illinois.

How Do I Update My Concealed Carry Status?

After attending a RENEWAL CLASS, and the successful completion of class room and range qualification, visit the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau website to submit your application. Make sure you have completed all the requirements on their checklist before submitting your Illinois concealed carry renewal application.

Concealed Weapons Classes from Pew Pew Guru

Our concealed carry class adheres to the NRA curriculum and is taught by an NRA certified instructor. You can complete the course in a single weekend, with gun theory and law taught on Saturday and range time on Sunday. If you are renewing an existing license,  only 1 hour of range time is needed (30 rounds). Our NRA instructor can come to your personal home and provide a refresher course and the exam for you and a small group.

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