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Looking for gun lessons Chicago? Our training classes equip you with skills to decrease the likelihood of being victimized by focusing on The Core Four:  Self-defense, personal protection, concealed carry process and home defense.  With a dedicated focus on training women, our classes empower you to be the steward of your environment whether it be in home or out in the world living life.

We also provide convenient gun transfers (FFL Transfers) with flexible hours so that Americans can protect, and secure their homes and persons. Our competitors provide bankers hours, while we at Pew Pew Guru understand that our lives extend well beyond the traditional 9-5. ***Fees increased September 1st, 2019 from $35 and up.*** 


CCW Classes

Looking to carry a concealed weapon? Our classes are taught using the NRA curriculum by an NRA certified instructor. Take our CCW class for hands-on training in safety and skills, with lunch included!

Looking for a CCW Re-certification Course? We offer those too! Contact us below for more information.



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Pew Pew Guru students will learn firearm and range safety, fundamentals, loading, cocking, de-cocking, unloading, and pistol maintenance, as well as safe storage and responsible ownership.



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We teach each class the types of handguns, the differences between revolvers and semi-autos, the components of each, and their working parts. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of each to find the right fit for you!



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Students will be trained to effectively apply the shooting fundamentals of proper (1) Grip, (2) Stance, (3) Sight Alignment, (4) Sight Picture, (5) Breath Control, (6) Body Movement Control, (7) Trigger Control, and (8) Follow Through. You will also learn proper gun maintenance, fire your weapons on the range and learn firearm self defense skills and target acquisition. At the end of the 16 hour course students will have mastered the basic skills to safely carry in a real world, life or death scenario.



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Students will be taught the State of Illinois requirements and legal responsibilities of Concealed Carry including storage, care and handling. You will also learn when and where you can and cannot carry, when lethal force can be used and the consequences of it.

Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, and Shotgun Shooting Classes Coming Soon!



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Not looking to pay retail? Purchase your firearm through online auctions or dealers for cost-effective savings and safely transfer your gun through us as your local FFL dealer.



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You’ll not only enjoy our service, but our flexible hours will make your gun transfer effortless.



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As a Federal Firearm Licensee, we’ll help guide you through the process of transferring possession of a firearm under Illinois law.

FFL Transfers

Are you looking to purchase a gun or transfer the possession of a firearm? We have our Federal Firearm License and can help facilitate your transfers!

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