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Recommendations for Gun Liability Insurance in 2022

Our review of The Best Options Available

You’ve just completed your concealed carry license training and purchased your firearm. Now you are looking into the next very important step: obtaining gun liability insurance or also referred to as concealed carry weapon (CCW) insurance. 

This is one of the most important decisions a responsible gun owner can make. If you are ever in the situation of discharging your firearm to protect yourself or your home, the last thing on your mind is what happens afterward. CCW insurance has become a popular option for many gun owners. The right CCW coverage can help to cover any potential criminal or civil costs to an unfortunate, unforeseen incident.

In this blog post, we updated our 2018 gun liability insurance review and covered all of the important points as well as shared what the best CCW policies are for 2022 and what they have to offer.

Let’s begin!

gun liability insurance

What is Gun Liability (CCW) Insurance and How Does it Work?


Gun liability insurance is coverage that offers benefits to a registered owner of a firearm when used in a self or home-defense situation.

The implications of discharging your weapon in a self-defense situation can be many:


  • The expense of posting bail bonds
  • Confiscation of your weapon until resolution of the situation
  • Loss of income as a result of incarceration and the inability to work
  • Court appearances
  • Legal services
  • Civil litigation and possible damages 


The level of coverage will vary by the policy. In some cases, your insurance will provide upfront funds to cover your legal defense in the aftermath of a gun-related self-defense incident. Other policies will only compensate you after your case has been resolved. Depending on how in-depth your policy is, you can also be covered for attorney fees and firearm replacement.

Some people feel their homeowners’ insurance is enough to protect them in case they have to discharge their weapon at home in the case of a self-defense situation or home invasion. This assumption is a costly mistake. Gun liability insurance providers are membership organizations that offer shared or subscription legal services, which makes things easier for you in court proceedings, should you be subject to a criminal investigation after an incident. With this in mind, a suitable policy is a smart decision for any gun owner. 

Therefore, it comes down to this question: Do you hope you’ll avoid the worst-case scenario, or are you willing to be prepared for it? Our hope is you choose the latter! 

3 Things to Look For in Gun Liability Insurance


If you want to make sure you are properly covered, legally or financially, by your CCW insurance, there are a few things that you should consider:


Type of Reimbursement 


Will your insurance provider cover your potential costs with an upfront payout? Or will you be forced to put up the cash, and hope to be reimbursed later? Also, make sure you know at the very least how much you would be covered in any common scenario for which insurance is required. Be sure to note how much you will be covered for bail amount, lost wages, civil defense, and criminal defense coverage. (and/or if there is a limit)


Per Diem

In addition to legal fees, you may be at risk of losing income you may experience during months of a trial. While having the costs of your attorney and a legal defense covered is great, it is still an unplanned expense. Your income is what covers your living expenses, and if you’ve lost your job, it doesn’t mean the mortgage doesn’t still need to be paid!


Choice of Attorney


On top of thinking about an attorney retainer, you need to think about the actual attorney you will use should you need one! Some CCW insurance providers will only provide you protection if you use one of their attorneys. If possible, it’s much better to opt for an insurance carrier that allows you to retain your own attorney, whom you have confidence in and is the best you can find for your case.

Comparing CCW Insurance Options (Our Top 3 Recommended Providers)

Here’s a list of the best CCW insurance providers in the U.S. including some highlights of why we recommend these providers. Generally, our ranking considers coverage amounts, affordability, and if bail and legal representation are included. 



The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) is one of the most popular CCW associations in the U.S. boasting 300,000 members to date.

 The benefits of USCCA are that this program offers members firearms and CCL training and resources for various self-defense scenarios. Other benefits include a subscription to their monthly magazine. Additionally, you are able to choose your own attorney to handle your legal proceedings.

 However, there are a few downsides, the first being that they are one of the priciest plans of the bunch, although still quite affordable for the level of coverage. Also, this coverage is not available in the states New York, New Jersey, or Washington. The most significant downside is that if you are found guilty in a criminal trial, USCCA reserves the right to demand you pay back all of the money they spent on your case. 


Cost: $49/month or $499 per year

Bail Bond Coverage: $100,000

Choose Your Attorney: Yes

Criminal Defense Attorney Fees: Covered/No Limit

Civil Defense Attorney Fees: Covered No Limit

Civil Damages: Up to $2,000,000 (annually)

Compensation While in Court: $750




CCWSafe is a top recommended provider because of its unlimited and upfront coverage of legal expenses. They provide excellent resources and offer broad coverage, and also include an unlimited criminal and defense budget.

 CCWSafe does not require a reimbursement method of payment, so you will not have to worry about paying for any of your civil or criminal defense costs at all. And, interestingly, they have never sought reimbursement of defense costs for a guilty verdict or pleading down to a lesser offense.

 CCWSafe offers plans specifically for those who only want to be covered for self-defense inside their homes. If you don’t carry outside your home, you’re able to sign up for their Home Defense plan, providing the same coverage that is limited to your home. 


The potential downside of a CCWSafe plan is that although you can choose your own attorney, it must be approved by them. You also must have a CCW permit or live in a state where it is not required in order to purchase one of their plans.


Cost: $519 per year

Bail Bond Coverage: $100,000

Choose Your Attorney: Yes, conditionally

Criminal Defense Attorney Fees: Covered/No Limit

Civil Defense Attorney Fees: Covered No Limit

Civil Damages: Up to $1,000,000

Compensation While in Court: $350


U.S. Lawshield


Even though U.S. Lawshield is a smaller company in the CCW insurance arena, they offer a relatively competitive plan at a competitive price. 

Despite their size, U.S. Law Shield is able to offer no limit on both civil and criminal attorney fee coverage. Payments are also made upfront, rather than waiting on reimbursement, which can be a game-changer when you’re keeping up on living expenses!

 There is always a downside…for U.S. Shield it is that you are not able to choose your own attorney, there is no coverage for civil damages, and Bail Bond coverage varies from state to state. Additionally, there is no per diem paid while you are in court.

 The savings in premiums may not pay off if you should actually need their help in the event of an incident.


Cost: $19.95 Setup, 10.95/mo or $131.40/year

Bail Bond Coverage: Varies by State

Choose Your Attorney: No

Criminal Defense Attorney Fees: Covered/No Limit

Civil Defense Attorney Fees: Covered No Limit

Civil Damages: None

Compensation None

Concealed Carry Insurance FAQ

Just like a gun range needs to protect itself from unforeseen accidents, as a responsible gun owner you also need to protect yourself as well with concealed carry insurance. One of the most unfortunate things you can do is to assume that “it could never happen to you” and you’ll never need proper legal defense in the event of an unplanned situation. You would surely regret this; it could cost you your job, your home, or more. 


Q: What does “CCW” stand for?

A: CCW stands for “Carry a Concealed Weapon”

Q: Is Concealed Carry insurance required by law?

A: No, CCW insurance is not required by law. However, as in San Jose, CA, laws continue to change, so more cities and/or states could pass similar legislation as time goes on.

Q: How Much Does Concealed Carry Insurance cost?

A: Concealed Carry Insurance costs anywhere from $11 to $47 per month.

Q: How much does it cost to defend yourself after a shooting?

A: After a shooting, even in self-defense, it can easily cost $500,000.

Q: What is the best concealed carry insurance? 

A: We think that USCCA is the best concealed carry insurance.

Q; How do I get a concealed carry permit (CCW)?

A: Visit Pew Pew Guru to learn more about our CCW classes. 


The PPG Recommendation


 gun liability insurance

Finally, you may ask…Kevin, what insurance provider do you trust?

While I think all three options are viable options for gun liability insurance, the best bang for my buck continues to be USCCA. This mainly is because USCCA covers any legal weapon. If you use your car as a weapon, as in the case of hitting a carjacker, for example, to get away, you are covered with USCCA. If I fatally punch an assailant, USCCA will cover this situation as well. Other items that can be used as weapons, such as a golf club, baseball bat, knife…any legal weapon…USCCA policies will cover you. 

My sisters and adult children, Dad and Mom are all members of the USCCA.  

USCCA offers a 1-year full money-back guarantee, coverage of legal weapons, a high amount of coverage, the ability to use an attorney of my choice, a 24/7 rapid response team, bond coverage, per diem for loss wages, and civil defense fund. All of these things set it apart from the other providers.

With all of this said, we don’t care which liability product you choose but please get one! Owning a gun without liability insurance is like playing Russian Roulette!

To learn more about what we do at Pew Pew Guru, visit us online today.

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