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7 Reasons to Start Thinking About a Home Security System


If we’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that our home is our refuge. Keeping our home safe is as essential as ever now that we are spending more of our time at home. We can’t assume that since we are home more, criminals have stopped their activity. In fact, it can be just the opposite. Concerns about home security are top of mind for many Americans. In fact, according to this 2020 survey, break-ins are the most worrisome property crime concern across the country. Over 60% of respondents said they have the highest concern about someone breaking in when there’s no one at home, and 58% fear a break-in when they’re sleeping.

On average, a burglary happens once every 30 seconds, over 3,000 per day in this country. This is why it’s important, especially for women, to arm themselves first with knowledge, and then with practical security measures. Implementing certain measures is certainly not a guarantee that you won’t be a victim of a burglary, but there’s a lot you can do to make it less likely.

Believe it or not, a surprising 75% of homeowners do not have a home security system. This is one easy step that you can take to reduce your chances of a home invasion by up to 70%. You can get a 24/7 professional alarm system for much less than the cost of the average burglary, which is an average of $3,000. They make a great Christmas gift too! This is not considering the cost of those things you cannot put a price on – your heirlooms, mementos, not to mention your life!

home security system


Burglary and Home Security Facts

To understand burglary a little better, we’ve rounded up some less-known burglary and home invasion facts, and also important statistics around home security systems.

Burglaries usually happen in the middle of the day.

While the movies may paint a picture of ski-mask covered men breaking into your house in the middle of the night, the surprising fact is that most crimes happen during the day. Believe it or not, if a criminal wants to steal something from your home, they often come to the door and knock! With many people working from home now, this is important to note.

In addition to security cameras in place, safety tips include making a lot of noise like everyone is home, drawing attention to your home (like setting off an alarm), and if possible, trying to identify the person through a window or a doorbell camera, like the Ring Doorbell Camera, first without being seen.

Burglaries are more frequent during the summer.

The numbers show that when the temperatures go up, so do burglaries. On average, burglaries rise about 10% between June and August.

Dogs act as a deterrent for burglars.

Does your “Beware of the Dog” sign work? According to an investigative report by KGW8 out of Oregon, it does. The study of 86 convicted burglars concluded that if “a homeowner had a big, loud dog most burglars would stay away.” One of the convicted burglars even said, “dogs are a deal breaker for me…Big breeds, home protectors are the best to keep people out.” However, the reason is not necessarily simple – it’s important to set expectations for our beloved pets before you dismiss other home security options.

Home security systems deter crime.

In addition to a loud barking dog, home security systems deter crime and would-be burglars. A 2009 study by ­­­­­Rutgers found that, as the number of home security systems increased in an area, the number of residential robberies decreased in that area, even for people who didn’t have their own security system.  We love Ring products, and here’s why. Simply put, the presence of a home security system, like the do-it-yourself Ring Alarm will deter many perpetrators from the get-go.

They do not want to increase the chances they will get caught in the act, and additionally if they see or suspect security cameras, the chances of them doing the crime decrease even more.

home security system

Home security systems provide protection for pets.

Speaking of dogs, security systems not only protect the family and possessions but also protect our four-legged friends. You can receive notifications if your smoke alarms or other detectors go off when you’re away from home. With some home security systems, you can even set it up so authorities are instantly notified of these emergencies. 

Home security systems increase the value of your home.

Having a home alarm system installed actually increases your home value when you’re ready to sell your home. Furthermore, having the system in your home can lower your homeowner’s insurance by up to 20%! Added bonus: your home will be protected when you sell your home and strangers are walking in and out!

Home security systems provide peace of mind

This is what we all want, right? The losses suffered by a burglary can be emotional as well as financial. Having the security and confidence you gain with an alarm system is the best benefit of all. Having a security system gives you an extra layer of defense against intruders. 


Be Proactive with Home Security


Even with a home security system in place, there is not a 100% guarantee that your home won’t be burglarized. However, there are steps you can take to prevent a home invasion in addition to installing a home security system that are worth thinking about:

  • Social media – While it’s fun to announce to Facebook-land that “I’m going on vacation!” The truth is, more than your “friends” could be watching. Posting plans about going out of town is a big giant sign to burglars that the house is empty and ready for the taking. 
  • Upgrade your locks – Especially in rental homes or apartments, the locks that come standard are not always the most secure lock. It’s easy to trade out a lock that gives you higher protection against a break-in. Use a door stopper security bar, like the SECURITYMAN 2-in-1 for added protection.
  • Look for improvements – Be proactive in looking for security vulnerabilities in your home. Adding an extra lock or a motion light can provide extra security and help you sleep better at night. Believe it or not, tending to your yard will improve security as well. Per the survey quoted above, Burglars don’t want to be seen. They looked for homes with big fences and overgrown trees or bushes. Keep your trees and shrubs trimmed so they do not become hiding spots for a would-be perpetrator! 

Too many people wait until they are the victim of a burglary before they consider home security. Don’t wait when it comes to your personal safety. Light up your house, yard, and driveway using a floodlight cam, (like this one from Ring) and keep your doors and windows locked.  

home security system

Take action now to make sure your home, pets, valuables, and family are all safe and protected!

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