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Your home is your sanctuary and we here at Pew Pew Guru believe your sanctuary deserves protection and peace of mind. Home defense is one of the best ways to protect yourself and those you love so you can maintain safety and situational awareness day or night. Learn about the best home defense security systems on the market, ways to improve your home defense with non-lethal self-defense products, and home defense weapon suggestions by checking out our home defense articles on the Pew Pew Guru blog. Our home defense blog posts detail everything from the best budget-friendly home defense shotguns on the market to home defense strategies, trends, and gift ideas. Sleep soundly and enjoy your home by becoming an active participant in your family’s safety, protection, and home defense. Reach out to Pew Pew Guru here and discover how together we can take your home defense to the next level.


5 Reasons Every Woman Needs a Concealed Carry Permit Its Your Super Power According to ProCon.org all 50 states allow the concealed carry of firearms. 34 states require permits and have “may issue” or “shall Issue” permit laws. 15 states have constitutional carry laws...

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