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Are you looking for the latest and most accurate concealed carry information, classes, and weapon suggestions? Look no further than our concealed carry articles on the Pew Pew Guru blog. We regularly post informative concealed carry blogs to walk you through concealed carry state laws, the best types of weapons to purchase for concealed carry purposes, concealed carry fashion and licensing trends, and quick tips on how to keep your concealed carry weapons clean. We work to remove any intimidation surrounding concealed carry permitting and licensing processes by walking you through every step you need to take to improve your personal safety and concealed carry knowledge base. Are you ready to take your future and safety into your own hands by obtaining your concealed carry license or permit? Connect with Pew Pew Guru to learn about our concealed carry class options, state-by-state licensing requirements, and how we tailor our lessons to match your unique, individual needs.


5 Reasons Every Woman Needs a Concealed Carry Permit Its Your Super Power According to ProCon.org all 50 states allow the concealed carry of firearms. 34 states require permits and have “may issue” or “shall Issue” permit laws. 15 states have constitutional carry laws...

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