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5 Reasons Every Woman Needs a Concealed Carry Permit

Its Your Super Power!

5 Reasons Every Woman Needs a Concealed Carry Permit

Its Your Super Power

According to ProCon.org all 50 states allow the concealed carry of firearms. 34 states require permits and have “may issue” or “shall Issue” permit laws. 15 states have constitutional carry laws but will also issue permits. We have established that it’s the law in every state in the union and if that wasn’t enough also because it is your constitutional right—thanks to the Second Amendment. Still not convinced why every woman should carry? The it’s your right thing didn’t sway you? The fact that it is legal didn’t move you? Ok keep reading, I think I have compiled some very compelling reasons below why every woman should be a card carrying CCW permit holder and conceal carry a firearm.

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  1. Physical stature. Women and men are built differently. I am a male feminist if there is such a thing… so please take these comments in the spirit in which they were intended. The reality is the physical strength between men and women is just different. Women have less muscle mass. Men compete against men and women against women in all organized sports. Even as kids, co-ed stops being a thing after about age 7 or 8. Guns are the great equalizer. A gun can stop a 250 lb. man from attacking a 115 lb. woman from a distance, even if he wields a knife.




2. Empowerment. After receiving training and the appropriate licensing courses you will feel empowered. Only a person who carries can describe it; you almost feel naked without your gun. You know you aren’t invincible, that’s not what this is about, but that sense of vulnerability when you aren’t carrying is real. Then when you are carrying, that “I can become a victim” at any moment feeling is instantly gone.

3. Your ability to protect your loved ones. Being properly trained gives you the ability to protect and defend your loved ones in almost any imaginable scenario. The news shows us the horrors nightly of the world we live in. The ugliness of humanity. The randomness of crime. The senseless violence. Having a concealed firearm doesn’t make any of that less true, it just makes your little corner of the world a little more safe. 911 response time in most major cities is in the double digits—as in the 12-14 minute territory! It’s basically a reactionary response after the fact. Whatever is going to happen to you, you are kind of at the mercy of the bad guy. 911 is not going to protect your family.

Let that sink in for a few minutes….


4. Be prepared. I was a Boy Scout and our motto was be prepared. To this day I live by that motto. I would much rather be prepared for something that never happened than not be prepared when that something did happen, no matter how unlikely its occurrence. That’s how I view being a concealed carry permit holder. The odds are I will never ever have to use my firearm to defend myself or protect my family. In fact the odds are overwhelmingly against me having to use it. Don’t take my word for it, according to a Harvard study, people defended themselves with a gun 0.9% of crimes from 2007 to 2011. According to Robert Young one of the researchers, “the average person has basically no chance in their lifetime ever to use a gun in self- defense.”  But in the unlikely chance that I draw the short straw and am pressed into action to defend my family or it’s a choice between the bad guy and me, I intend to stack the deck to make it me every time.

 5. Guns are smaller, thinner, concealable and easier to use than ever. The movement by manufacturers to smaller platforms specifically for concealment has changed the game. This article should help in selecting the best options for concealed carry. Manufacturers are also producing guns to appeal directly to women, with color and patterns choices that didn’t exist just a few years ago. And women have quite possibly some of the coolest holster options ever created, from purses, leggings, belly bands to traditional holsters. The options are endless.

If these weren’t compelling enough reasons, here is a real life story of survival from a woman as told in True Stories USCCA May 2019 A Bus Stop Bully. An armed 19 year old accosted a Chicago woman at a city bus stop and demanded money. The victim drew her gun that she was legally licensed to carry and defended herself. She fired on the robber striking him in the neck. He later died from his wounds.  


And here’s another… posted in the Organic Prepper: a Restaurant worker in Wisconsin Miranda Schaeffer said that her gun saved the lives of herself and coworkers back in July of 2018. She said her and coworkers were physically attacked by a customer who wanted a refund at a local restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When the customer was told no to the refund and not to return, he punched a coworker. And that’s when Miranda pulled her gun.

And another…

An ex-wife in Alabama defended herself against her estranged ex-husband. The Organic Prepper reports that deputies were dispatched to a home where the ex-husband had broken into the home and tried to sexually assault his ex-wife. The woman was armed with a handgun and fired a shot striking him in the leg. The man was later arrested after trying to escape, he was charged with attempted rape, and second degree domestic violence.  


And lastly…

A mom in Dallas, Texas was the victim of an attempted carjacking as she pulled into a gas station for a quick stop. This mom, using poor judgement ran inside and left the vehicle running. The assailant tried to make off with her SUV not knowing her two young were children inside, ages 2 and 4. The mom jumped back into her moving vehicle as the thief was trying to pull off and managed to grab her gun from the glove compartment and fire on him, striking him in the face.


What did these four brave women have in common?


They refused to be victims!


When asked why women should carry a concealed firearm I cite these statistics, from Tracey and Charley Vega. Charley and Tracey are the co-founders of Simple Self Defense. They write a blog Simple Self Defense For Women and frequently are daytime television guest demonstrating their techniques:



“ 1 out of 6 women will be a victim of an attempted or completed rape”


“1 out of 4 women is a victim of domestic violence”


“1 out of 3 women will be attacked in some fashion in her lifetime”

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Why Women Concealed CarryWhy Women Concealed CarryWhy Women Concealed Carry

Being a father of four girls, these statistics scared the living daylights out of me.

In conclusion

yes, you have a constitutional right to bear arms. The Second Amendment was added to the United States Constitution in December 1791.  All 50 States offer some form of Concealed Carry. For me and I think it rings true for most, it has to hit an emotional chord that moves people to realize that conceal carry can save your life or protect your family. As the saying goes, that’s when it gets real. I hope it doesn’t take victimization to make you pull the proverbial trigger and get trained and start to carry. I am hoping that the stories above can be that emotional trigger and we live them vicariously —the story of the woman at the bus stop this past winter in Chicago, who had to use her firearm in self-defense, or the woman in Dallas who selflessly managed to run down her car, as the carjacker tried to speed off with her babies, who climbed inside, wrestled with him, all while opening the glove compartment with the wherewithal to get a shot off to protect her family or the woman at work who stopped the assault on her coworker, or the woman who stopped the attempted rape and domestic violence attack from her ex by shooting him.


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                       By Kevin Flowers

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