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5 Important Reasons to get your Utah CFP

Why you need more than one concealed carry permit

When most gun owners decide to take their personal protection to the next level and receive their concealed carry license or permit, the choice is almost always driven by the desire to follow the applicable laws and be legally able to carry a firearm in as many states as possible.

Concealed carry permits, also known as CCW, CPL, or CFP permits or licenses, are not federally regulated by the United States Government. The permits or licenses are instead granted at the state level, with each state able to set its own standards and rules for its permit holders.

Concealed Carry | Pew Pew Guru

However, most states recognize the concealed carry permits from other states, even if only those immediately surrounding it. This is known as reciprocity, meaning a CPL or CCW permit held in one state is usually recognized by other states.

Illinois is one of the exceptions to the rule and does not recognize the concealed carry permits from other states. If you are going to carry a concealed firearm in Illinois, then you must have an Illinois CCW.

Other states do recognize Illinois concealed carry licenses though, making it easier for gun owners to travel without leaving their personal protection behind. Without reciprocity, concealed carry license holders would only be able to maintain their usual level of personal protection while on their home turf.

The United States Concealed Carry Association has a great app you can install on your phone which contains up to date information on reciprocity and all of the applicable gun laws you will need to follow while traveling to, or through, a different state. Check your phone’s app store to download and install the app.

The best option for any gun owner serious about protecting themselves is to acquire a concealed carry permit from another, additional state. With the additional license, an Illinois resident will have the benefit of being legally permitted to carry a concealed firearm in many more states than the Illinois CCW alone would make possible through reciprocity.

At the Pew Pew Guru, all of our Illinois concealed carry class members also receive their Arizona and Florida CCW licenses as well. However, we also recommend class members acquire a Utah CFP – or concealed firearm permit – along with their Illinois license.

We offer all of the required paperwork and will have the photographers and fingerprint technology on hand to make it easy to complete the process and receive your Utah CFP.

Here are just a few of the things that make the Utah CFP an important part of your personal protection toolbox:

1. Receiving a Utah CFP to go along with your Illinois concealed carry license allows you to legally carry a concealed firearm in a total of 38 states.

Through reciprocity, a Utah CFP holder has the legal right to carry a concealed firearm in many more places than an Illinois CCW alone.

Concealed Carry Classes | Pew Pew Guru

2. Traveling with a firearm is much easier since the Utah CPL is recognized in more places across the country.

This means gun owners who value personal safety have the freedom to visit or pass through more states with their legally carried firearm and continue to carry it daily.

3. Utah CFP, or concealed firearm permit holders, can feel safe and secure while visiting family or friends in other states.

A Utah concealed carry license holder does not have to leave their personal safety at the state line, they can protect their loved ones while away from home too. Whether visiting grandparents in Arizona or checking in with the kids at college in Georgia, Utah’s CFP provides holders with peace of mind.

4. The greater reciprocity with other states gives Utah CCW permit holders the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can legally enjoy the same level of personal safety they would at home.

5. Taking the Utah CFP class provides our attendees with even more instruction and information on gun safety, gun laws, and best practices than the Illinois concealed carry class alone.

There’s no such thing as too much information when it comes to legally carrying a concealed firearm and passing the Utah class will only make you better prepared to take control over your own personal safety and security.

While our Illinois CCW class provides our graduates with the information and certification needed to acquire the permit needed to protect themselves at home, there are no such things as being too prepared.

By also receiving the training necessary to acquire an Arizona and Florida concealed carry license, our students are better informed and better prepared to protect themselves and their loved ones from threats to their personal safety.

The Utah CFP, or concealed firearms permit, gives you one more layer of protection against legal issues while traveling.

As a concealed carry license holder and an instructor certified through both the NRA and the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), I do my best to stay informed about legal changes, adjustments to reciprocity, and other issues that could create problems for myself and my students.

Utah CFP Classes | Pew Pew GuruFor example, in 2015, Virginia’s government decided to drop all reciprocity for more than 25 other states. At the time, the bill was killed off but has recently resurfaced, putting legal Virginia gun owners under attack.

With a second or even third permit, Virginia concealed carry holders have other options to help protect themselves while traveling. Reciprocity from a Utah CFP or Utah concealed carry permit, will go along way toward easing travel issues for Illinois CCW holders.

The USCCA’s website is full of great information regarding reciprocity and which states play nice with others. You can read more, including some very helpful details about each state’s gun laws, and be better prepared to visit or pass through the states in your travel plan.

By taking the Pew Pew Guru Illinois CCW license class, you’ll be ready to receive your concealed carry permit from our home state as well as Arizona and Florida – two states with great reciprocity agreements across the country.

By adding in the Utah CFP, or Utah concealed carry permit, you will also add another layer to your own reciprocity rights and make it easier to stay within the legal guidelines and laws that cover traveling with a firearm – especially a concealed firearm.

Our Utah CFP classes are not just meant to put another permit in your pocket. Our Utah concealed carry license classes are comprehensive, meeting all of the required material and coverage to ensure you are ready to carry a concealed firearm wherever your travels take you.

For more information on our Illinois and Utah concealed carry classes, please reach out today or visit our Classes page and reserve your seat in our upcoming class.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Kevin Flowers

Pew Pew Guru

Kevin Flowers | Pew Pew Guru

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